Ogunquit Kite Festival

Will be held on September 12, 2009

The Kite Festival is part of the Capriccio celebration of the arts. It is held on Ogunquit beach. All sort of kites are welcome. In addition there are instructions from a master kite flyer and kite building workshops for the kids.

The kids have a blast coloring, building and then flying their own kites from scratch. The kites are judged later in the morning for prizes.

scary kite
Warning: there may be some scary kites!

creative kites
You will see some of the most creative, exotic, funny, and high performance kites flown by very expert kite flyers.

kite powered buggy
This kite powers a one person sand buggy.

kite festival

Sponsored by Ogunquit Rotary Club and Ogunquit Performing Arts. For more information, contact the Ogunquit Performing Arts, 207-646-6170.


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